Norden vision

Be continuously exceed the expected project service enterprises

An Engineering Service Enterprise that Constantly Exceeds Expectations

News of the group

Hongkun group+Combining the norden group,The grand total exhibition

Norden mission

Make building healthy operation

Enable Buildings to Work Healthily

Norden team culture

Happy work A healthy life

A happy work leads to a healthy life

Norden values

Professional With your heart To be good

Professionalism, Dedication and Good Will

Norden group was founded2000Years,After ten years hard work and rapid development,Now in the elevator、Electrical and mechanical engineering as the core of diversified engineering service enterprise group。
Norden group has national elevator installation and maintenanceAClass aptitude、Mechanical and electrical installation project level qualification、Electronic engineering qualification and intelligence engineering secondary qualification, etc,PassedISO9001Quality management system certification,Has the good faith comprehensive levelAAAGrade enterprise。Norden is high-tech enterprises in guangdong province、The federation members,In guangdong province association of young entrepreneurs and business association(The standing)Vice-chairman unit,With the country garden、Vanke、China resources、Yuexiu、KWG、The letter、Era、Ali、Take in、China Teleco、China in the car、Baiyun airport、Many brand companies such as Hong Kong metro formed a long-term partnership,Business involved in housing、Business、Public、Industry、A variety of types such as traffic,Services all over the country。
Norden people trust value,The pursuit of reputation,In order to“Attentively complete each project“For the service concept,Is committed to providing the best quality of the construction、The best service and the highest ratio of cooperation。Over the years,Norden with original management ideas and advocate the spirit of the professional,The great age of the urbanization of diligent practice in China、Forge ahead;In the future,Norden would through multidisciplinary collaborative development and intensification of management improvement,Achieve a more magnificent strategic ambitions。
On all of them
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