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  Kunming is building materials co., LTD. Is a professional production of various kinds of floor、Waterproof concrete and materials sales,Its products are mainly used for municipal road、Landscape、The square、The mall、Small area、The factory、The school、The hospital、The hotel、Villa、The amusement park、The parking lot、The ground of the adornment such as large shopping center。Our company has the independent research and development of series products and construction experience and flexible management pattern,Continuous innovation as the goal,The pursuit of win-win cooperation with customers for the idea,Under the trend of the development of the city,Humanized pavement design and the sustainable development of resources,We will persevere, as usual, to try to do better,In innovation and excellence,Adhere to the commitments,Continue to create value for customers,Efforts to provide customers with more satisfactory service,Make people really feel better city, better life,Contribution for the society more and more excellent project。【To learn more】


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