Dongguan DaLang long shong martial arts training centerFrom hubei suizhou Chinese school
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Name    Said:Dongguan DaLang long shong martial arts training center
The ground    The address:Guangdong dongguan DaLang town square,The bank of China behind(Beauty business street cafe on the third floor)
Contacts:Miss Chen 15377747269   
 Liao teacher 13129420566

Dongguan DaLang long shong martial arts training center    Address:Guangdong dongguan DaLang town big well head beauty business bystreet(The bank of China behind,Grad cafe on the third floor)

Hotline:15377747269    13129420566    Machine:0769-83119202   ICPFor the record:GuangdongICPTo prepare17051987Number-1 

Business license number:441900604752836    Organization code certificate:L4830619-1

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