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Key projects
Van road resettlement residential area.jpgInvestment business building.jpgYancheng science and technology museum.jpgThe new city of ladle-Yancheng city cultural arts center.jpgYancheng hotel2.jpgLu Gong shrine.jpg
The fast track
Members of the enterprise
  • Yancheng city investment real estate co., LTD
  • Jiangsu d industrial co., LTD
  • Yancheng materials group co., LTD
  • Yancheng pioneer island business management co., LTD
  • Yancheng city state-owned assets investment management company
  • Yancheng pioneer island venture investment co., LTD
  • Yancheng maoye real estate co., LTD
  • Yancheng city investment property management co., LTD
  • Jiangsu lake sandong industrial co., LTD
  • Yancheng city yi agricultural guarantee co., LTD
  • Yancheng hotel
  • Yancheng city people's government of the hostel
  • Yancheng accounting cadres training center
  • Yancheng asset management co., LTD
  • Yancheng bo states real estate marketing planning co., LTD
  • Pioneer business jiangsu yancheng international trust &investment co., LTD
  • Yancheng city investment co., LTD
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