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A brief introduction of our situation: Beijing civil and commercial disputes is jalam lawyer team's web site,By the Beijing Hui heng law firm(National excellent law firms)A senior partner at Liu Jiwei legal team,Mainly handling civil and commercial disputes。 In the justice department the original Hui heng law firm“China legal affairs center”Part of the backbone lawyers as the core in early 1995 to form a partnership law office。 Liu Jiwei lawyer Hui scale is the youngest senior partner at the law firm,From the foot in soon formed since the lawyer industry...
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In the sales contract fraud prevention not only is the promoter of the task,But it is also the task of enterprise contract management authority,To prevent business contract fraud measures should not only in the performance of the stages,And also in signing stage。Contractor only contract and contract management agencies to improve understanding of sales contract fraud prevention,Learning contract law knowledge,In the practice of the contract to perform careful protect against it,Business contract fraud will reduce,To put an end to happen。
Across the country have a mortgage、Commercial housing sale and a series of policy for purchasing,Many buyers are lose qualification that buy a house or unable to pay the down payment for loan ratio changes,About whether to belong to the force majeure or the situation changes,The contract is terminated can in accordance with the law,Is currently the focus of home buyers。
Set against the equity in the process of growing company and the board of directors set up corporate governance aspects, such as the contradiction of the problem,We provide the following services:(1)Equity restructuring,Introduce the mechanism to solve the problem of dormant shareholders equity trust;(2)The shareholders' committee、The board of directors and the professional committee、Managers set;(3)Provide information and increase or decrease、Combine the division、Liquidation、Assets reorganization services;(4)To help businesses use intellectual property rights in equity or debt financing;(5)Participate in knowledge
One of the core business of company sales department。Aimed at prevention of legal risks for the enterprise,Dissolve the enterprise crisis,Become legal staff for management decisions,The leader's think-tank。Enterprise legal adviser can effectively reduce the management cost,Realize the long-term development。Services include for the set up of the company,The company's equity changes,The company legal person governance structure of the building and standardization,Operating company transformation of the nature of particular average,Resolve and processing of corporate deadlock,The shareholders of a company dispute resolving,Protection for the rights of the shareholders of a company
One of the main core business。We have a group of professional quality、Litigation experience、Bold but cautious、Dare to face the risk of trial lawyers。Through years of legal service experience,Gradually, in the company、Real estate disputes、Balance the contract dispute、The financial disputes、Formed in the divorce disputes in areas such as a unique professional edge,Won numerous praise from the parties。
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