Yuanping xu tai machinery manufacturing co., LTD. Consists of xinzhou district welfare boiler factory、Yuanping environmental protection boiler factory and henan hengda boiler manufacturing co., LTD. Three branch factory。Is a key point for all kinds of machinery development and production and boiler manufacturing enterprises,Issued by the national bureau of quality and technical supervision“Special equipment manufacturing license”、“The boilerBManufacturing license”、“Special equipment installation maintenance license”,Issued by the environmental protection bureau, Shanxi Province“Certificate of environmental protection”,And won the shanxi yuanping and issued by the industrial and commercial bureau“Contract keeping promises units”。Throughout the year2007Years passedISO9001Quality system certification andISO14001Environmental management system certification。Twenty-six years.....[More and more]

Yuanping xu tai machinery manufacturing co., LTD
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  • Intelligent industrial electrical boiler
  • Electromagnetic induction energy-saving eddy current heating unit
  • Coal to electricity boiler equipment
  • The electric boiler
  • Coal to electricity boiler equipment
  • Coal to electricity boiler equipment
  • Flat flame nc boiler heat storage
  • BJSSeries of heat exchange unit
  • BJFSeries of heat exchange unit
  • BJCSeries of heat exchange unit
  • Plain source heat pump units
  • Air source heat pump units

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